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jENN <3333
19 February

About Me

// Name: Jennifer
// Sex: Female
\\ Nickname: Jenn
// Loc: EB,NJ
// Age: 17
\\ Grade: Senior Class of 2005
\\ Height: 5'7
// Hair Color: Long Curly Goldish Brown
\\ Eye Color: Goldish Brown
\\ Race: White
// Statz: single
\\ Sex Orientation: bi-sex-ual
// Hobbies: Hanging out,Going online,Writing in my journal,
Updating lj,Walking,Chillin with my friends,Laughing,
Listening to my music,Mall,Movies,Writing poetry and songs,
Beaches,Parties,Reading,Relaxin,Driving around,& Just having fun


wroting poetry ; polka dots ; hanging with friends ;
listening to music ; ddr ; sleeping ; laughing ; girls ; boys ;
kissing ; bisexuals ; good porn ; staying up late ; taking back sunday
aim ; livejournals ; cookies ; mood rings ; orange&pink together ;
brown&pink together ; brown&blue together ; red&black together
pink&black together ; rubber bracelets ;
tamagotchi's ; stars ; ♥ ; teaching ;
into special education ; helping people ; twizzlers ;lolly pops ;
caffine ; cherry coke ; chocolate chip cookies ;
fairies ; rainbows ; journals ; taking pictures ;
watching movies ; wacky earrings ; pink ; lust ; butterflies ;
sushi ; gay rights ;gay straight alliance ;sports and stuff ;
mall ; relaxing ; parties; beaches ; music ; Strawberry Short cake
;care bears ; wishing ;driving ; sad songs ; sad and romance books;
thinking ; walking; losers ; being a dork; summer love
black nail polish ; chocolate covered strawberries ;
emoboys; emogirls ;emo; shaggy hair ; glow in the dark stars ;
going on dates ; ; strawberry coughdrops ;
strawberry tarts ; brown curly hair on guys
sex pistols ; watching old movies ; politics ; democrates
girls gone wild ; lesbains ; jump rope
relationships ; hookups ; meeting new people . etc<3

Marriage is love.


my father - scary movies - rap - pop - britney spears -
justin timberlake - when people talk shit - homophobics-
stalkers - harry potter - smokers - lairs - cheaters -
heights - clowns - snakes - abortions - alarm clocks -
school spirit - when guys lead girls on - animal abuse -
child abuse- the words faggot and dyke - banning gay marriages
-when people make fun of others and me - hypocrites
- mean people - boring people - dis respectful people- players-
bitches -jugdgemental people - sluts - shots - blood test -
frizzy hair - dark dark green - wiggers -
propoganda - when people say that the Jewish people killed jesus-
sexiest - raciest - hitler - george bush- war -
when guys use girls - drama & im not talking about the acting class
- peanuts - drugs - sum41 - good charlotte -
when people dont talk to you just becuz of your sexuality

Favorite Bands

The Beatles,Maroon 5,Afi,My Chemical Romance,
New found Glory,Dashboard Confessional,Matchbox 20,
Sex Pistols,Sublime,Green day,Count the stars,
Brand new,Yellow Card,The Ataris,The used,
Street light manifesto, catch22
Deftones,Coheed & Cambria,Lost Prophets,
Taking Back Sunday,midtown
The early November,SugarCult,Something Corprate
Story of the year,Bright Eyes
Nirvana,Thrice,all american rejects,Mest,Finch
Thursday,The juliana Theory,Matchbook Romance
Fall out boy,System of a Down,Slipknot,adema,
chevelle,from zero and etc<33

emily made my icon for me
++credit is given++ !& i love you ♥

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Kisses Are Always Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

Marriage Is Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

Guitars Are Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

Colorbars Are Rainbow Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

Cats Are Purrfect Love

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Diamonds Are Love

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Butterflies Are Unique Love

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Is Love

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Cruel Intentions Is Love

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Avril Is Love

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Ryan Phillipe Is Love

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Deftones are love

Power Ranger are morph love

abortion is homicide.

Penguins are purple polka-dotted love

Music Is Love

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Ducks Are Waddling Love

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Etnies Are Love

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Thirteen Is Love

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Converse Is Love

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AFI Is Love

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Hearts Are Love

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Hello Kitty Is Love

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Ice Cream Is Love

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Greenday Are Love
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Fortune Cookies Are Love

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Faeries Are Love

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Thrice Is Love

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Dashboard Confessional Are Love

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Taking Back Sunday Is Love

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Lost Prophets Are Love

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The Starting Line Is Love

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Yellowcard Are Love

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Thursday Is Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

Alcohol is Drunken Love!

Voting Democrat Is Smart Political Love.

My chemical romance is love.

TBS is Bloody Love.

Boy: I saw her today
Girl: I saw him today

Boy: It seems like its been forever
Girl: I wonder if he still cares

Boy: She looks better than before
Girl: I couldn`t help staring at him

Boy: I asked her how things were going
Girl: I asked him about his new girlfriend

Boy: I`d choose her over any girl I`m with
Girl: He`s probably happy now

Boy: I couldn`t look at her without startin to cry
Girl: He couldn`t even look at me

Boy: I told her I missed her
Girl: He doesn`t miss me

Boy: I mean it
Girl: He didn`t mean it

Boy: I love her
Girl: He loves his new girlfriend

Boy: I held her for the last time
Girl: He gave me a friendly hug

Boy: Then I went home and cried
Girl: Then I went home and cried

Boy: I lost her
Girl: I love him


, 60's clothing, afi, all american rejects, anal sex, anti labels, anti popular, anti_bush, anti_drugs, bacardi 0, banana splits, beaches, being emo, being loved, being naked, big brother, bisexuals, black and red stripes, black and white squares, black nail polish, brand new, bright colors, bright eyes, bubble-baths, candy necklaces, candyland, care bears, cookies, cuddling, dancing, dark colors, dashboard confessional, ddr, dreams, drinking, drummers, ducks, east brunswick mall, emo boys, emo girls, emo music, faires, fish nets, freehold mall, friends, gay guys, gay rights, gays, geeks, girls, greenday, guitars, guys, hanging out, happiness, hippies, homosexuals, hot showers, hot topic, infatuation, insanity, jeep wranglers, journals, kissing, late night phone calls, laughing, lesbains, losers, loud music, love, lust, makeup, making out, making videos and tapes, marilyn manson, meeting new people, menlo mall, mikes hard lemonade, mood rings, movies, nerds, new found glory, nirvana, obsessions, parties, peace, peace signs, pictures, poems, poetry, politics, polka dots, popcorn, porn, pretty icons, punk, rainbow brite, reality shows, rolling down hills, romance, rubber braclets, sand boxes, save the last dance, seaside, second chances, sexuality, sidewalk chalk, singing, sparkly, special education, spikes and chains, standing out, starbucks, stars, strangers with candy, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, stripes, sublime, sugarcult, summer love, survivor, sushi, swimming, taking back sunday, taking pictures, tamagotchi's, tank tops, teaching, teenagers, the 80's, the color blue, the color limegreen, the color pink, the number 8, the starting line, the used, the word fuck, the word rad, thinking, trust, wacky earrings, walking, whip cream, writing